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Keeping a daily sketchbook! :)

Hello artists, art directors and children's book creators. I have wanted to keep a daily sketchbook for a while. Through 2020 until now, November 2023 I have been working on client projects, board books and search and find books for publishers and four self published books which I illustrated and designed.

I have kept a few different sketchbooks during this time, I like to fill up the pages with lots of different characters and colours and mixed media and have the pages be relaxed and experimental. I have not been posting the art because I feel like the sketches are really messy and quite random sometimes. Anyway, I have made a promise now to post those sketches, from Monday to Saturday, here on my blog. One reason is being consistent is definitely going to help me improve technique and become more confident with painting and using mixed media.

Before I had a cintiq most of the art I created was mixed media on watercolour paper which was scanned in to the computer and edited in Photoshop with a Bamboo tablet. I am interested to bring more of a handmade feel into my children's illustrations.

I will be starting to post here daily on Monday 13th November. It is going to be a fun challenge and I am excited to see where sharing sketchbooking with you all will lead my art practise.

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